LGBT+ History Month

As we mark LGBT+ History Month, author MJ Buckman looks back at how the film and TV industries in the UK and America have represented LGBT+ people. LGBT+ representation in film and TV When the film industry was in its infancy at the beginning of the twentieth century, gay-coding was already common. LGBT+ characters were depicted using coded signals for a variety of reasons, but mostly because being gay was demonised by the church, pathologised by the medical fraternity, and criminalised by the state. So, in early films, LGBT+ characters were caricatured by men who minced and women who appeared...

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FAQs: transferring a book onto your device

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If you buy a ebook from our site, you will be taken to a screen where you can download an .epub file. You will also be sent this link by email. Once you've downloaded your book, you will need to extract it from the zip folder (which should happen automatically on a PC or Mac). Then, you can transfer it onto your preferred reading device using the appropriate method below: Amazon Kindle / Kindle App on phones or tablets The easiest way to get an .epub file into your Kindle / Kindle app is via email. Amazon provides instructions here...

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Why are we here?

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The perennial question, but we can give quite a simple answer. We're here to learn how to be happy and make those around us happy too. Books can help with that. Not just self-help books: fiction can give us a deep insight into our own minds, help us empathise with others, and give us hope for a better future. That's why I started UpLit Press. In my experience in publishing my own work, and talking to many author friends, I've seen so many beautiful, moving, and important books get rejected because they are not commercially viable enough. In a conservative...

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