We are open for submissions from un-agented authors.

We want to publish books with a positive message. This doesn’t mean we only like cute and fluffy titles, but we are looking for submissions which show characters growing through their adversity and coming out as better human beings.

What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Anything that glorifies violence
  • Horror
  • Crime or thrillers

What we ARE looking for:

Young Adult: novels with diverse characters; strong themes such as acceptance, dealing with adversity, and finding hope.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi: interesting worlds that focus more on character development than battles. First contact books where we don’t all end up killing each other.

Romance: ONLY if it’s principally focused on thematic messages such as tolerance, emotional healing, self-acceptance etc. e.g. LGBTQ+ coming out stories.

General fiction: anything uplifting, but we’re especially interested in positive representations of mental health issues.

Memoir: if you’ve learnt any valuable life lessons that have made you a better person, we’d love to help you share your story with the world.

Middle Grade: I adore MG books.

Picture books: only if you have both text and illustrations. Please send a .pdf mock-up.

How to submit

Please email us a query letter with your first three chapters and synopsis attached. Our usual response time is three weeks.

If you need help putting together a compelling submission package, we recommend reading the articles from Jericho Writers, such as this one.

What we offer authors

We are a digital-first publisher, but we also make paperbacks available as print-on-demand, so we will ask to acquire your book’s digital and print rights. The author will receive 40% of the profits on sales.