Legacy (#3)

What does it take to learn your own worth?

Laithry’s older brother has just ascended to the throne of Valeria, and his first act is to condemn her beloved stepmother for murder. Caught between love and family loyalty, Laithry finds that her only option is to choose forgiveness – a choice that leads her to exile among the alien Fae, where all her assumptions about herself will be tested. When she can finally return to her own realm, she finds it a very different place: a mess of intrigue and political unrest, haunted by mysterious deaths and the threat of rebellion.

Stripped of everything – her family, her status, the whole world she knows, even her hope – Princess Laithry must discover her own inner strength. That strength will carry her through heartbreak, assassination attempts, and an otherworldly war, to discover what it really means to be a queen.

Part coming-of-age story and part spiritual journey, this is the finale of The Order of the White Raven series but can be read as a standalone novel.

Also available in paperback or ebook from all major retailers.


About The Author

A. K. Adler

A. K. Adler

I live in a Buddhist community in the middle of nowhere. I walk in the woods every day, and would probably be happy never to go into a city again (as long as I have access to online shopping).


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