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About The Author

A. K. Adler

A. K. Adler

I live in a Buddhist community in the middle of nowhere. I walk in the woods every day, and would probably be happy never to go into a city again (as long as I have access to online shopping).

A mountain. A skyscraper. A curse. Beneath London, in the heart of the labyrinth, something stirs…

Luca and Aliya have settled into their lives as shamans, maintaining the balance between humanity and nature. Luca is helping the newly-born elementals of London find their feet in the modern world. But something darker is awakening; something determined to shift that balance.

When a curse threatens Quantum and drives the dragons to the edge of extinction, Aliya is powerless to save her closest friend. Soon, both worlds are threatened by the greed of an impossible enemy that bridges the gap between realms.

It’s time for Luca and Aliya to embrace their power and discover if what they carry within is enough to turn aside greed, anger, and destruction.

This is the second book in the Dreamwalker series. Buy book 1

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