A Fox Named Fergus

Join Fergus and his family on an adventure in self-expression.

Fergus doesn’t fit into his fox family. He loves his parents, but they don’t understand him. When Fergus befriends a rabbit, it opens up a new way of belonging.

This story, beautifully told in verse, highlights the importance of acceptance and inclusivity, and allows children to feel that it is okay to express themselves. The story provides an innocent view on being who you want to be, helping families to accept each other and support diversity.

The more we teach our children to accept people for who they are without judgement, the better place the world will be.

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About The Author

Jenny Canning

Jenny Canning

My name is Jenny Canning. For the majority of my life, I have been actively involved in LGBTQ+ society, specifically the trans community, both professionally and personally, offering support and understanding, cosmetics and style advice through my work as a makeup artist. As part of my masters in creative practice, I have taken the opportunity to extend my support by writing and illustrating this story.

Witnessing the difficulties that anybody who expresses themselves differently comes across motivated me to create this book. Thank you to my Leeds First Friday family and my personal family for inspiring me to write this story.


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